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Sam Quinn


Height: 6'1"

Weight: 165

Degree: BFA Santa Fe Univ of Art and Design

Location: Albuquerque, NM / Los Angeles, CA

Willing to travel

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Film / Television

Granite Mountain                                          Principal                               Dir. Joseph Kosinski


Justice                                                          Principal                                Dir. Richard Gabai


Independence Day: Resurgence                  Principal                               Twentieth Century Fox

Jane Got A Gun                                            Principal                                Lionsgate


Get Shorty                                                     Co-star                                 Epix Network

Better Call Saul                                             Co-Star                                 AMC Network

The Messengers                                           Co-Star                                 CW Network

Manhattan                                                     Co-Star                                 WGN America


The Night Shift                                              Co-Star                                 NBC Network


Transcendence                                             Principal                                Alcon Entertainment


Longmire                                                       Co-Star                                 A&E Network       

2010 - present

Comedy? presents: A Toast                         Various                                 Aux Dog Theatre (Albuquerque)

Comedy?: What do I do with my hands?     Various                                 The Box Theatre (Albuquerque)

EYE INSIDE: A Rock Opera                        Writer/ Vance Barrett            Biopihiliac Productions (Chicago)

Hank Williams: Lost Highway                       Jimmy/Lead Guitarist           Filament Theatre (Chicago)

They Are Dying Out                                      Hans                                    Trap Door Theatre (Chicago)


Suburbia                                                       Pony                                     The Nine (Chicago)


Romeo and Juliet                                         Romeo                                  Magik Theatre (Regional)

2010 - present

List available upon request


Training & Workshops

Bachelor of Fine Arts: Acting                       Pete Zapp                            Santa Fe Univ. of Art & Design

London Center: Acting/Stage Combat        Murray Woodfield                 London UK

Improv, Musical Improv                               Tim Soszco                          The Second City Chicago                       

Intro - Advanced Improv                              Alex Knight                           The Box Albuquerque

Onscreen classes                                       Amy Newbold                       Simon Casting (Chicago)


Onscreen classes                                       JoEdna Boldin                      JoEdna Boldin Casting (Chicago)


Internship                                                    David O' Connor                   David O' Connor Casting (Chicago)

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